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Map of District 5 - Lafayette County, Mississippi

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(*) Baptist Memorial Hospital

Am I in District 5?
District 5 encompasses the southeast corner of the county as well as a substantial portion of the city of Oxford, including the University Hills, Notting Hill, and Windsor Falls subdivisions; the areas around Baptist
Memorial and between Hwy 6 and Jackson west of the Ole Miss campus; and the major corridors of Highways 7, 9W, and 331.
Map of Lafayette County’s districts


Voting Precincts / Polling Places

If you vote in any of the following polling places, you reside in District 5:

  • Oxford 5 – Voting Precinct 501, 101 Center Ridge Drive (on Hwy 7 south)

  • Airport Grocery – Fire Station #3, 15 County Road 369 (near the Hwys 7 & 9 split)

  • Paris – Fire Station #14, 31 CR 430 (in Paris)

  • Tula – Fire Station #6, 153 CR 436 (west side of Tula)

May I vote? Where and when?
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Don Mason brings commitment and compassion to his Lafayette County community.

MORE INFORMATION FOR LAFAYETTE COUNTIANS about what their county government does and how it works.


FAIR AND SENSIBLE DEVELOPMENT for Oxford and rural Lafayette County!

  • PLANNING that benefits families, neighborhoods, community amenities, and rural areas as well as commercial and residential activities.

  • Prioritizing SMALL BUSINESS and LOCAL ENTREPRENEURS over outside investors and absentee landlords.

  • Adding AFFORDABLE HOUSING to meet the workforce needs.

  • Preserving GREENSPACES, woodlands, and wetlands.

  • HIGH SPEED INTERNET access for everyone in the county.


WELCOMING NEIGHBORHOODS and RURAL AREAS as safe, clean, happy, and healthy places to live.


TRANSPORTATION to complement the OUT bus system and enable rural residents to reach destinations within the city of Oxford.


Don and Susan

Don and Susan, married for 43 years, are devoted to the Lafayette-Oxford community and he hopes to give back to the community by serving as the county Supervisor for District 5. They moved to Oxford when Don joined the faculty of the University of Mississippi School of Law as Associate Director of the National Center for Justice and the Rule of Law. They have lived south of Tula for 19 years and can’t imagine any place they’d rather live.

Don obtained a B.A. in political science (with teacher certification) from the University of Iowa, and a J.D. from the University of Iowa College of Law. He is licensed to practice law in Iowa and West Virginia and before the United States Supreme Court.

His experience includes being a prosecuting attorney, manager of a state agency and statewide nonprofit, grant writer, coordinator of statewide technical assistance and training for prosecutors, relationship builder with statewide and national entities concerned with criminal justice and public safety, municipal court judge, and research professor teaching law school courses relating to criminal justice.

Don was raised on a modest farm with his parents, four brothers and two sisters. The family lived in a six-room house that for the first 15 years of his life lacked central heat or indoor plumbing but they thrived on the food they raised and grew. Moreover, his parents instilled in their children the values of education, good deportment, hard work, and service to others.

Since retiring, Don enjoys playing golf wherever he can, planning educational programs for newcomers to the area, and gathering with friends to discuss wide-ranging topics. They both enjoy tending to their property, particularly their shade garden; touring the countryside to enjoy the scenery and explore historic sites; attending local theater and other cultural events; and participating in community organizations to help in any way possible to make Lafayette County and Oxford even better places in which to live.


Don understands both the urban and rural areas and needs in Lafayette County.

Don enjoys weekly discussions with friends concerning various issues and perspectives.

Don enjoyed participating in the June 24 forum sponsored by the Upsilon Iota Omega chapter of the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority.

Don and Susan enjoyed participating in the July 18 discussion of reasons and ways to extend broadband Internet access to all our county residents.

Don enjoys the support he receives from members of the Wise Women lunch group who meet weekly in Oxford.